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803 Beenleigh Rd, Runcorn QLD 4113 (07) 3219 6586
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What We Do


Traditional Lion Dance

Since being established the International Wushu Academy has been the longest standing lion dance troupe in Brisbane. We have trained through many generations and continue to train our performers to keep a high standard for our performances.

We perform traditional lion dance for many occasions and freestyle depending on the environment the troupe has been put in. These performances can be done in many different establishments but our busiest time of year would be Chinese New Year where many venues want their place of work to be blessed.

The lion dance is believed to bring good luck and fortune to the business.


LED Dragon Dancing

Through recent years we have been experimenting with new technologies that allow us to make our performances more fresh and up to date with modern times. This includes LED Lion and Dragon Performances. Incorporating this into our troupe allows us to please new-age suppliers looking to make their event extra special.


Cultral Performance

For major festivals our troupe organises a special performance featuring our best work from that year to be featured. The kung fu performance would be choreographed to music and the group lion dance would be a fully choreographed performance instead of the usual freestyle component that we do during CNY. We would need at least a months time in advance to book these performances as they require a lot of thought and care into the production of the performance


Kung Fu Demonstrations

Our company also do kung fu demonstrations as well as host lessons during the year. Contact us for more information on timetables.


We can do lion dancing for your corporate function/event


We can perform custom choreographed lion dancing for your special day


We can cater for functions of any size, be it small or large we'll be happy to help

Chinese New Year

We can do specialised Lion Dancing for your Chinese New Year celebrations

Interested in having us perform at your next event?